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Marumali Consultations is all about holistic heath and wellness, specifically social, emotional and cultural well-being, bringing about healing through the use of a range of therapies, including traditional and spiritual. In Gamilaraay, 'maru mali' means 'to heal, the head/mind'. 

Vision - To increase access to and the use of Aboriginal knowledge and Indigenous psychologies with regards to well-being at all levels of human existence and interaction, particularly within organisational spaces.


Mission- An Aboriginal owned and managed social and emotional wellbeing service specialising in human functionality in organisational spaces and holisitic worker wellbeing. This is done from a position of positive lore that assists with prospering a sense of healthy spirit and spirituality in the workplace.


Values - All Marumali Consultation consultants strive to work in accordance with the following Positive Principles: Respect, Responsibility, Reciprocity, Acceptance, Connectedness and Interconnectedness.  We believe in working from a position of truth and understand the importance of spirituality to well-being, particularly work related well-being.

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