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Research & Publications

Marumali Consultations consultants are experienced researchers and assist organisations with qualitative and quantitative investigations. Although Clinton Schultz and Stacey Vervoort undertake research with any population or group, they specialise in research with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities.


Marumali Consultations assists organisations with:


  • Program Evaluations

  • Literature Reviews

  • Critical Analysis

  • Theoretical Development

  • Statistical Analysis


Marumali Consultations specialises in undertaking culturally appropriate qualitative research in the Health and Wellbeing, Education and Community Controlled sectors.

Our research and development is informed by:


















Figure 1. Determinants of social and emotional wellbeing (Gee, Dudgeon & Schultz, 2013). 


National Strategic Framework for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples’ Mental Health and Social and Emotional Wellbeing (2017-2023)


Professional and Community Development, Research, Contributions, Publications and Presentations


  • 2018 - Winner - Griffith University Most Outstanding First Nations Alumnus Award (Clinton Schultz) 

  • 2017 - Keynote Speaker Boarding Australia Conference - Gold Coast

  • 2016 - Keynote Speaker QAIHC Worker Wellbeing Forum – Gold Coast

  • 2015 - Keynote Speaker TMML SEWB Conference – Townsville

  • 2014 - Keynote Presenter National SEWB Conference  - Brisbane

  • 2014 - Guest Speaker and Panelist - Northern Territory Suicide Prevention and SEWB Conference 

  • 2014 - Publication: 'Sharing Culture - Social and Emotional Wellbeing: An Indigenous Point of View' by Clinton Schultz

  • 2013 - Guest Speaker IAHA Conference  - Adelaide

  • 2013 - Guest Speaker SEWB and Indigenous Psychology AASP Conference – Jogjakarta, Indonesia

  • 2013 - Facilitator PD SEWB Training for QLD Transcultural Mental Health Team – Brisbane

  • 2013 - Guest Presenter NSW SEWB Workforce Support Unit Forum – Wagga Wagga

  • 2013 - Guest Contributor, MH & SEWB National Round Table – Perth

  • 2013 - Guest Presenter, The MHS Summer Forum – Sydney

  • 2013 - Guest Presenter, Interdisciplinary Teams Symposium – Griffith University

  • 2012 - LIME ‘Talking with Indigenous patients’ – A workshop using Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander simulated patients for cultural competency education for 1st year medical students

  • 2012 - Publication on Institutional Racism for ANZ Organisational Psychology Journal. 'Institutional racism within Psychology and other Allied Health Practices – An Indigenous Workers Perspective'

  • 2012 - Guest Presenter, IAHA Annual Conference – Brisbane

  • 2012 - Presenter, World Population Health Congress - Adelaide

  • 2012 - NHCCN Steering Committee member

  • 2012 - Cancer Council Queensland Tackle Indigenous Tobacco Use Steering Committee member

  • 2011-2012 - ATSIHWC Steering Committee member

  • 2011 - Keynote Presenter Maori Health and Wellbeing Consortium Rotorua, NZ

  • 2011 - Keynote Presenter Kia Piki Te Ora Suicide Prevention Conference, NZ

  • 2011 - Facilitator IMHFA Mibbinbah Men’s Social Emotional Wellbeing Camp 

  • 2011 - Facilitator Queensland Closing the Gap State Meeting

  • 2011 - Guest Presenter 4th National Mental Health conference

  • 2010 - Keynote Presenter, Asia Pacific Suicide Prevention conference

  • 2010 - Guest Presenter, Indigenous Health Care Delivery conference

  • 2010 - Keynote Presenter, QAIHC regional forum

  • 2010 - Guest Presenter, Creating Futures conference

  • 2010 - Guest Presenter, ICAP Conference

  • 2010 - Guest Expert Witness , Congressional hearing into community suicide

  • 2009 - University of Queensland - guest lecturer on Indigenous Cultural Competence

  • 2009 - Guest Presenter ACT Conference “Engaging Fathers"

  • 2008-current - Kalwun Indigenous Health Centre,  volunteer Men’s Social and Emotional Wellbeing Support

  • 2008-2009 - Guest Lecturer on Indigenous Cultural Competence, Griffith University

Professional Publications


Gee, G., Dudgeon, P., Schultz, C., Hart, A., & Kelly, K. (2014). Social and emotional wellbeing and mental health. In P. Dudgeon, R. Walker & H. Milroy (Eds.), Working Together: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mental Health and Wellbeing Principles and Practice (2 ed.). Canberra: Department of health and ageing.


Schultz, C., Walker, R., Bessarab, D., Macleod, J., Marriott, R., & McMillan, F. (2014). Interdisciplinary care to enhance social and emotional wellbeing including mental health. In P. Dudgeon, R. Walker & H. Milroy (Eds.), Working Together: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mental Health and Wellbeing Principles and Practice (2 ed.). Canberra: Department of health and ageing.


Walker, R., Schultz, C., & Sonn, C. (2014). Cultural competence – transforming Aboriginal mental health practice and policy. In P. Dudgeon, R. Walker & H. Milroy (Eds.), Working together: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mental health principles and practice (2 ed.). Canberra: Department of health and ageing.


Schultz, C. (2013). Maintaining Strong Being : A new theory of resilience grounded in the lived experiences and knowledge’s of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social and Emotional Wellbeing Workers. Confirmation paper. Griffith Health Institute School of Public Health,. Griffith University. Gold Coast Qld.

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