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Cultural Capacity Development & Training Services

With the increasing diversity of workplaces, Cultural Capacity Development is crucial to both productivity and employee wellbeing. Marumali Consultations provides training, development, auditing and support for organisations to ensure practices and procedures are culturally conscious.


Working in partnership with organisations, our consulting Psychologists assist with the identification of areas for development and creation of positive strategies that are tailored to the specific and unique organisational and staff needs.


Examples of Cultural Capacity Development initiatives include:


  • Development of culturally inclusive practices and system processes where employee diversity is valued, respected and appreciated.

  • Training and development of cultural awareness via tailored workshops for all levels of staff and professionals, creating understanding and development of key skills to effectively engage with diversity.

  • Auditing of current organisational process and culture to identify key areas for development to facilitate workplaces where staff feel supported and respected.


Marumali Consultations has developed and facilitated Cultural Capacity Development and Training packages for a range of industries including:


  • Health & Mental Health

  • Business, Finance & Law

  • Education

  • Agriculture & Mining

  • Community Services

While we are Aboriginal, we believe that understanding and responding to cultural diversity in general is the best way forward for organisations.  We use issues and discourse in Australia around Aboriginal and Torres strait Islander peoples, society and culture to help people better understand their own culture and how this may impact on their engagements with others of differing cultures.  Most importantly, we assist workers to relate this to their work role and responsibilities specifically.

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