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Supervision, Mentoring & Coaching

Supervision is an integral aspect of professional practice and continued professional development. Cultural supervision allows for a deeper understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures to assist in the facilitation of positive engagement and healing for clients.


Professional supervision can provide the following services:


  • Specific case discussion and guidance

  • Facilitate greater levels of cultural awareness

  • Development of practical skills and appropriate strategies for healing

  • Understanding of cultural perspectives regarding social and emotional wellbeing


Mentoring and coaching is a key aspect of professional development for all professionals from those new to the field through to experienced practitioners. Marumali Consultations can assist with cultural mentoring for professionals seeking guidance and the development of practical skills for effective engagement with others from diverse cultural backgrounds. This process is undertaken in a manner that is tailored to each professional’s needs, meeting individuals where they are in terms of knowledge and skill set. Accordingly, this process allows for professionals to progress in positive and supported space. 

We provide structured and tailored supervision for workers in Health and Human Services. We specialise in culturally appropriate supervision, mentoring and coaching for Aboriginal workers working in non-indigenous organisations or government departments, as well as offering cultural supervision and coaching for non-indigenous workers who work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities.

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