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We provided wellbeing workshops specifically targeted towards those working in and around the farming and agriculture sectors.  We understand the complexities of living on the land and of often being isolated from wellbeing services.  Our Agriculture wellbeing industry workshops are designed to assist those working in the field to better understand and respond to their wellbeing.  As with all our workshops, we use Aboriginal philosophies that have assisted with wellness on this harsh land for thousands of years and look at how these can be applied in our everyday lives today.

Banking & Financial Services

Increasingly our corporate and banking sector employees are mirroring the cultural backgrounds of the service they engage with. This means our workplaces are growing in diversity of all kinds. Ensuring that all workplace players, from CEO's to new graduates and interns understand and and appreciate of these differences is crucial to creating workplace commitment and solid productivity. Our cross cultural strategies, ranging from mentorship programs through to cultural capacity building initiatives, including training and development and tailored Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff resource programs, lead the way in growing workplace diversity responsiveness.


Cultural competence - As humans we do not learn the same.  This is particularly so for children and adolescents.  We are all different, with different needs, desires, ways of knowing and being.  Our systems are not always so responsive to these differences causing many to feel ostracized and judged by a system that does not fill their learning needs.  Our education specific cultural competence development workshops assist Educators to better understand the importance of diversity and how to better respond to its presence both in the class room among students and in curriculum.

Wellbeing – Teaching is hard work.  We know, we are lecturers and teachers.  Dealing with classroom complexities can be rewarding but draining at the same time.  We focus on helping teachers to understand their own wellbeing better and to identify areas of need given the tough work they do day in day out.  Learning to better understand and respond to your own wellbeing can help you in both your professional and personal lives.


Wellbeing - Mining work and the FIFO life is hard.  We get that, while not flying in and out of mines specifically on a constant basis, we do fly in and out of communities Australia wide constantly and are often disconnected from own loved ones and homes.  We understand the pressures it places on individuals and their families.  Our Mining industry specific workshops are specifically designed to tackle the wellbeing issues faced by those who are often working away from their friends, family and homes.  Connectedness is an important aspect of our wellbeing and disconnect often causes distress.  We utilise Aboriginal notions of connectedness to assist workers understand their roles, responsibilities, choices and experiences while working away from the things that are most important to them.

Cultural Competence – understanding the complexities of working and living with others from a vast variety of cultural backgrounds positively is pertinent to working in the mining industry. Cross cultural communication can be tricky and easy to stuff up causing unwanted reactions and situations for workers and organisations.  Furthermore understanding the importance of place and country to Aboriginal peoples can help workers to better understand the issues many of their Aboriginal colleagues or local community members may experience given the presence of mining in the area and can help to build notions of empathy, compassion and resilience

Health, Government & Community Controlled Organisations



Cultural competence - Health and wellbeing do not mean the same thing to everybody.  Culture is probably the biggest influencer on how we understand health and wellbeing and therefore how we expect it to be engaged with by health professionals and organisations. Unfortunately our systems are not often responsive to this fact, meaning that often we are not working in culturally responsive ways and without intention leave people feeling culturally unsafe or respected when attending our health services.  By better understanding the importance of culture and it’s influence on health and wellbeing we can better work in ways that increase the chances others will experience cultural safety and remain engaged with services.  This greatly increases the chances people will heal from what ever it is that led them to our services.  Our Health Services specific cultural competence development workshops assist workers and organisations to better understand notions of culture and diversity, to be able to identify the cultural platform from which they function and how this may impact on engagement with others, and to be better set to fulfill roles and responsibilities in the most respectful way.

Wellbeing – Working helping day in day out can be tolling, we are health professionals we understand that.  Often when we get into the cycle of giving constantly we forget to take time out for our selves and to monitor our own wellbeing.  The work of health professionals can often lead to experiences of compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma that we often place the blame on others for.  Our workshops help Workers to take back control of their wellbeing by assisting them to understand their own wellbeing and what they can do to maintain wellbeing while working in spaces of compassion constantly.


Too frequently the Government sector can feel disconnected from our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. This often results in many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff members feeling challenged by this disconnect between work and culture, and Government organisations struggling to retain valuable Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees engaged. To mitigate these and similar challenges, Marumali Consultations has extensive experience tailoring and developing programs to development culturally responsive support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees within the Government sector in addition to facilitating educational and capacity building initiatives that support non–Indigenous professionals in this sector to build and maintain positive relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples both within and outside of the workspace.

To date, Marumali Consultations has provided the Government sector for whole of organisation cross–cultural capacity development, Management mentorship and guidance, cross–cultural communications support, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff development and facilitation of national staff forums.

Community Controlled Organisations:

Wellbeing – Living, breathing and working in community is hard.  How do we know? Because we do it too.  There are many complex issues that workers in the community controlled space fill including juggling dual relationships, lateral violence, ideology challenges, cross-cultural concerns and organisational issues to name just a few.  We offer a range of wellbeing workshops specifically tailored to tackling these issues among others, for workers in the community controlled sector to assist workers to be the best version of themselves day in day out so they can be the best for their families and communities.

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