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Employee & Organisational Wellbeing Services

Marumali Consultations' Employee and Organisational Wellbeing Services are designed to provide a confidential and supportive counselling service to employees who are experiencing psychological injury (depression, anxiety, conflict, etc) or further challenges that impede upon productivity and wellness within the workplace.


Our services allow for a psychologist to provide safe and positive support to an employee to help facilitate improved overall wellbeing.


Services a psychologist can assist with includes:


  • Education regarding personal social and emotional wellbeing and self-empowerment      

  • Development of positive wellness strategies and action plans

  • Facilitation of skill development (including effective communication, interpersonal skills and problem solving)

  • Tailored support to meet each individual’s specific needs

  • Counselling services available via face–to–face, telephone or secure Skype

  • Assistance in seeking further support


Our psychologists also provide assistance and support to organisations to achieve positive workplace environments systems.


Services provided include:


  • Employee wellbeing and positive workplace education

  • Cross cultural capacity development

  • Facilitation of positive, culturally safe system processes and policies

  • Assistance with conflict management and resolution

  • Team development and improved team dynamics

  • Strategy for improved workplace productivity

  • Options for ongoing support in facilitating empowered and positive workplaces



We develop specifically targeted wellbeing workshops for a range of industries and organisations.  Worker wellbeing is our passion.  We design and facilitate wellbeing workshops that aim to build the understanding and resilience of workers so they can get on doing what they do.  Workshops can be half or full day. 

Rural & Remote Wellbeing Services

Professional development and worker wellbeing workshops for those living and working in rural and remote areas including those in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, the mining and agriculture sectors.

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