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Why Choose

Marumali Consultations?


Marumali Consultations provides a varied range of services to individuals, communities and organisations to support the social and emotional well-being of employees and associates through positive and empowering psychological services, mentoring and coaching, counselling, and organisational psychology.


Marumali Consultations are a team of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and qualified professionals providing services that are client-centred, culturally driven and empowerment focused. 


Marumali Consultations values our strong connections with community groups and other organisations that strive to promote optimised social and emotional well-being and positive, safe and respectful outcomes for all peoples especially those working for peoples of diverse backgrounds, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders peoples. 


Marumali Consultations' services are designed to assist with building and maintaining strong Social and Emotional Well-being for individuals, families and communities, including organisational communities. We achieve this through providing Indigenous inspired services that are accepting and inclusive based on both strong traditional systems and contemporary ground-breaking methodology.

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